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BT Travel 7 ANC: review of Energy Sistem wireless headphones

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BT Travel 7 ANC: review of Energy Sistem wireless headphones

β€œThe BT Travel 7 ANC are cheap and have what you need, without breaking your pocket.”

  • Sound quality

  • Price

  • Light

  • They feel cheap

  • Very fair noise cancellation

  • Controls

Daily transport to work by train, enjoy your favorite music while walking, or working from any cafe There are many situations in which some headphones can transform the mentioned experiences and move to a new place where everything is simply better.

But already put to invest in good headphones, we recommend, for obvious reasons, that they are wireless and better yet, that they have noise cancellation (NC). As you can guess, this well-matched marriage is usually not cheap for your wallet, although there are exceptions, and one of them is found in the BT Travel 7 ANC of Energy Sistem.

This Spanish manufacturer has achieved the difficult balance of offering wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and for a price that barely exceeds 100 euros Trap or miracle? We have spent a few days testing the performance of these headphones in several situations and we invite you to explore the analysis with us.

Low-cost components, good sound

Once unpacked and with the headphones in hand, one can not help but frown and look suspiciously: this smells cheap, and we can not accuse the manufacturer for it, since we are really facing a cheap product. With the idea already in the head of facing a mediocre accessory, we engage in the task of pairing the headphones. Who needs instructions? After charging the device through the microUSB port, we press faithfully for a few seconds on the power button and the flashing red and blue LED confirm the pairing mode.

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From here, everything is rolled. The BT Travel 7 get along well with my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 11. The first test is powerful: in a McDonalds crowded with people and with the challenge of working for a while while enjoying coffee. And the first disagreement arrives: the noise cancellation happens with an approved scraping, scratching, but do not expect that it will pop you out of your environment on a flight or the train as some premium headphones will. We grant you, however, the benefit of the doubt when we remember what they cost. Okay, the NC may not be up to par, but we get a pleasant surprise with the sound quality.

Low weight and a lot of plastic

The BT Travel 7 perform frankly well – we insist, considering what they cost – both in treble and bass, but above all, in sound power. While it is true that when taken to the limit, the highs arrive a little forced and the lows fall a little short, the experience, in general terms, is frankly good. These headphones will not disappoint you if you want to enjoy a few moments of music or podcasts on the way to work or university.

These headband headphones are surprisingly light with their little more than 200 grams in weight, and much of the fault is the abuse of plastic by Energy Sistem in this peripheral. The general impression on the hand of these hearing aids is of cheap product and that could be fragile or not very durable, a possibility that the manufacturer seems to want to solve in advance by offering a 36-month warranty on the product.

Siri, Google where are you?

revision energy syste bt travel 7 img 0388

The headphones are foldable in order to be folded in the carrying case (not included, you will have to buy it separately) and being so light we expected more comfort in its use. It is not that they are uncomfortable, but after a good session of music is where they begin to find the differences with a good premium from Sony or Beats. The BT Travel 7, without being annoying in any case, remind you that they are there, a circumstance that you do not live with its high-end rivals.

If the Energy Sistem peripherals have achieved a surprisingly high note in the least expected (and most important) section, the sound quality, they fall shorter in terms of controls. The power button pauses and the user has another button available to activate or deactivate the NC, as well as the volume. At this point and although many do not use them, a function button is missing to invoke Siri or the Google assistant; The acquired habit is such that it really is something that is extracted.


Like this, the BT Travel 7 are located in that interesting limbo in which the client does not want (or cannot) spend too much money for some noise canceling headphones, but does not give up a good sound experience. We insist that noise cancellation falls short if that is your priority, but enough if what you want is to have a good time in moving from home to work.

If you want to see it another way, Energy Sistem offers you a lot for a very affordable price and finally guarantees the product above its rivals, so the experience can be very good if expectations are not high.

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