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BLEACH Mobile 3D, the best anime game for fans

BLEACH Mobile 3 D

If you are a fan of the famous anime series, BLEACH, this is for you. And here we will tell you all about BLEACH Mobile 3D, the best mobile game in the popular series, a game that a true fan should have. So you can't stop reading this article and know everything about this wonderful title.

BLEACH Mobile 3D, for the real fans

BLEACH is a name that is no stranger to anime and manga lovers. And now, after the success of BLEACH Brave Souls, it has arrived BLEACH Mobile 3D, the latest installment of mobile games in the series, developed by KLabGames and Siamgame Mobile. It is an action role-playing game, where players control their characters and fight through each mission by attacking or using skills.

BLEACH Mobile 3D uses a unique style of art and 3D graphics. His graphics do not give a big surprise factor, but many feelings of nostalgia, since it seems that we are watching anime everywhere. Except for the fact that we have control of the movements and battles of the characters. Its controls are the simplest and it has a very intuitive interface.

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In addition to that, the game uses the original Japanese dubbing, which will further immerse you in the world of BLEACH. The strong point of the game is play through story mode, Starting from the first chapter, which talks about how Ichigo, the main character of the series, gets his power Shinigami.

What else can Bleach Mobile 3D offer?

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The game also features a PvP mode, called Seretei Contest, where to form a team of 3 and compete against other players. Combat in this mode is automatic, so you will not have control over your characters. By winning an opponent of higher rank, you can climb to a higher position within the ranking.

You should also know that this title uses a power bar to determine your ability to move forward. That is, each stage requires that you have a certain amount of power, so If your power is below that required, you cannot complete it. There are several ways to increase power, but the most direct is to obtain higher ranking characters. These characters come with a rating, from R to SSR to indicate the rarity and can be achieved through the gacha system used by the game.

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It is definitely a very well done game that will bring to your mind many flashbacks of anime scenes, especially when you are playing in story mode. So do not wait any longer and download this game for free, through Google Play, and relive the best of the series.

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