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big screen, fingerprint reader …

Samsung recently said it would give more care to its mid-range. A priori, we are beginning to see that effort already on the part of the company, since according to the filtered data, the main average ranges of the firm were going to receive an important upgrade For now, we have new data on the Samsung Galaxy J6 + and J4 +, which according to supposedly official data, will have great improvements.

Samsung shows J + data on its Indian website

More data on the Galaxy J6 + and J4 +: infinite screen, side fingerprint reader ...

These images or teasers They are on Samsung’s Indian website, and they show us various characteristics of the new J + that are to come, or failing that, for the superior model: the J6 +. To start, the most striking fact is that if this is not an exaggeration, we would see the first Samsung mid-range with the full design of a Galaxy S, with the infinite screen.

We have seen this before as in the Samsung Galaxy A8 in a lesser way, since these images suggest that we could have even the curved edge, although the latter is a conjecture. The J6 + model will have an HD + screen, that is, 1440 x 720, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, 4GB of RAM and 3300 mAh battery.

More data on the Galaxy J6 + and J4 +: infinite screen, side fingerprint reader ...

Samsung has been having problems with the fingerprint reader for a while, putting it or wrong or in a way that many do not like. Now, copy the formula to Sony and put it on the side. It is not known if you will put it as an unlockable button as we saw in the Sony Xperia XZ1 or if it will be like the Moto Z3 Play, with a button dedicated to unlocking the terminal.

The web also talks about other data, such as a double camera capable of making portrait mode, although mention is made to the J6 almost all the time, leaving the J4 on one side. These teasers They indicate that the launch of these J + are coming, although no dates have been confirmed. Anyway, the page allows to notify who wants it.

More data on the Galaxy J6 + and J4 +: infinite screen, side fingerprint reader ...

Obviously, we also do not miss the opportunity to include the Emojis in the equation We can make use of them, although it has already been shown that the only truly amazing are those of Apple, so this improvement is at least less.

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