battles and dungeons in a classic role-playing game

Eternium is an RPG game that wants to remind us of games like Diablo or Torchlight: a character that we can customize, three roles with different weapons and many dungeons.

RPGs, RPG by its acronym, are a true video game classic. We have the possibility to decide how we want to play it, with what kind of characters or weapons we are going to fight. And on Android they have managed to gain a foothold, even if they are a more proper format to play with keyboard and mouse.

The mobile platforms have reached classics like Torchlight. And not only that, they have also appeared RPGs trying to innovate to adapt to new formats. Today we bring you one of those games that have tried take a twist to a concept we know well.

Fight against monsters and dungeons in Eternium


If you have already played a game of style, everything will be familiar. We have maps and dungeons that we go through with our character, of the type that we have selected at the beginning. The grace is in that special attacks are deployed with gestures onscreen. And the goal at each level is kill the boss at the end of each dungeon.

That is where we will find many coins and rewards such as weapons and clothing. And our character, as is customary in this type of games, has a inventory that we can manage as we want. We can change our weapons and our clothes for another with better characteristics.

What we don't use can be sold to get more game currency. Although there are also gems, much more complicated to get playing. The hook is that they can be bought with real money. The game has three acts, with several dungeons For every act. And if we get tired of history we can participate in a more arcade mode.

Eternium is available on Google Play for free. And, unfortunately, we met both in-app purchases and ads.