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Apple stores around the world already wear the red logo for the World Day of the Fight against AIDS

Apple Store RED logo

During this week, Apple stores not only prepare to receive their special day of shopping on Black Friday, but they are also being tuned for the celebration of something much more important than any Christmas purchase. On December 1, World AIDS Day is celebrated, and as usual with Apple, the company intensify your efforts to raise awareness among users. And the most visible sample of it will be the Apple Store.

Like every year at this time, Apple stores around the world have their characteristic logo red in support of this very important cause. And we must remember that AIDS, caused by the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, is a disease whose consequences still killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. And although it affects both developed and developing countries, the latter are the ones that take the worst part.

Apple, in collaboration with the non-profit organization (RED), collaborates with important economic donations in various programs to continue working on the eradication of HIV and AIDS in the most affected regions of Africa. And until next December 2, with each purchase with Apple Pay in the Apple Store, or in the Apple Store app a dollar will be donated to (RED), up to a total of one million dollars that will be added to the more than 220 million already raised.

Apple Product (RED)

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Again, it is especially important that we remember that AIDS and HIV exist, they are not part of the past anywhere in the world, and these days are made for us to take into account. With Apple, as well as with the rest of the participants of the initiative (RED) and similar ones, we have the opportunity to contribute to its eradication, also thinking of those who do not have so many resources at their disposal.