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A new concept shows an iPhone 12 with a hole in the screen and 4 rear cameras

iPhone 12 2020

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 12 arrive with a major redesign. The iPhone 11 Pro have basically inherited the same design released in 2017 with the iPhone X and everything indicates that after three years with the same design the 2020 iPhone will arrive with notable differences.

As we have learned from the rumors, it is expected that general design follow the lines of iPad Pro, that is, that we will have more straight and less rounded edges. It is also expected that the notch will either be reduced, or disappear forever from the iPhone.

Now a new concept makes us a little closer to the possible design of the iPhone 12, which in this case eliminates the notch and replaces it with a small hole in the screen and also adds a fourth sensor to the rear cameras.

iPhone 12 2020

New iPhone 12 concept

This concept has been developed by Ts Designer, who has created a video on YouTube with all the news that he imagines will reach the iPhone 12. The one that stands out at first sight is that of the screen hole, Apple will have to drastically reduce the size of Face ID sensors to achieve something similar, but there is no doubt that the design is spectacular.

iPhone 12 face id concept

Another big change will come in the back, a fourth sensor It will be incorporated into the three current rear cameras, maintaining its current design in the form of a triangle. Also we will see a new blue color that has been rumored on occasion and that we have not yet seen.

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<p>Another novelty that this concept imagines is the arrival of <strong>Touch ID under the screen</strong>, a rumor that many place in the next iPhone, although we do not finish believing it. Face ID is a very complete identification system, so I don't know if the extra cost of adding Touch ID will be worth it.</p>
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If you want to see the complete video of this new concept of iPhone 12 we leave it just below, there are still months to know if we will see something similar but we always like to see these types of concepts.