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8 best Rdio alternatives you should try

Rdio is ready to close and it's sad, since many of us love the service. We recently learned that Rdio is declaring bankruptcy and is selling its assets and technologies to Pandora in a $ 75 million cash deal. We hope Pandora uses the resources of Rdio to bring us a great product similar to Rdio, which will be launched at the end of 2016. While the news is unfortunate, Rdio lovers are now looking for an alternative that matches the characteristics that we loved about The besieged music. Service.

Before moving on to the Rdio alternatives, let's talk about why Rdio died and its characteristics that will really be lost.

Why did Rdio die?

Rdio had many things in his favor, but the reasons for his definitive disappearance were his marketing and expansion plans. Although Rdio had an initial advantage against well-funded and now popular competitors like Spotify, it failed to take advantage of that momentum. All opinions about Rdio on the web have one thing in common, that Rdio was a great music service, but its marketing and distribution left much to be desired. The key to being profitable in music transmission is to have the largest number of users and that is where Rdio was always convicted. Well, I hope that the equivalent of Pandora on Rdio is as good or even better than what Rdio alone is.

Rdio features that will be lost.

Rdio had several great features, which is why he was so loved for his modest user base. The first thing that made Rdio great was its brilliant user interface, which includes optimized design elements and a very intuitive user experience. The company always emphasized the design elements of the applications and the web player, and the user interface made sure that Rdio always felt like a polished product. Even today, its competitors have used several design elements from Rdio.

Along with the brilliant user interface, there were a number of features in Rdio that made it unique. It allows you to discover trend tracks among your friends. It also had automatic playback, recommendations and stations for a better musical discovery. The listening experience in Rdio had its own benefits with the great "Cola" function, which could be synchronized on several devices. It also featured the "Favorites" function along with an emphasis on playing full albums. Rdio also moved because of its brilliant implementation of the homepage, which will allow you to easily return from where you left, discover new songs and repeat your favorite songs. There were many other features, but these features mentioned above are the reason why Rdio was loved by so many people.

There are a number of excellent music streaming services, but we have chosen the best among them that can be a very good Rdio alternative.

The best Rdio alternatives

Spotify is possibly the largest music streaming service today, so it is not surprising that it is an alternative to Rdio. If you are a fantastic Rdio, you may not find it as good as Rdio but it has its own unique features. While the Spotify user interface is not as good as Rdio's, the user experience is quite good with functions such as a long press to preview. Compared to Rdio, it does not have synchronization queues or playlists, but its discovery is so great that you may not even need to put the tracks in a queue and want them later. On the front of the music catalog, Spotify is close to what Rdio (35 million songs) offered with more than 30 million songs.

With the arrival of Rdio at its end, we can expect its popular features to reach most of the music transmission services, including Spotify, and considering that Spotify is already an excellent music transmission service, it should improve. Spotify is available in more than 60 countries, which is smaller compared to Rdio, which was available in 85 countries, but we can expect Spotify to expand in the foreseeable future. Spotify is available to be used as a free music streaming service with advertising, but there is a paid subscription of $ 9.99 / month, which brings more features and eliminates limitations. Like Rdio, Spotify is also available on all mobile, PC and other platforms we know.

Deezer is another popular music streaming service, which you'll love even if you're a Rdio fan. First of all, Deezer has been beautifully designed and anyone who comes out of the excellent Rdio user interface should feel at home. Along with the excellent user interface, Deezer brings excellent social networking features, which allow you to discover music and playlists. The Elite subscription of the service even provides you with high quality music and no loss (1,411 kbps). Similar to Rdio, Deezer presents more than 35 million tracks and 100 million playlists.

Unfortunately, even Deezer does not have synchronization queues, which is a very dear feature of Rdio. Other than that, Deezer doesn't stay behind when it comes to other features and availability. Deezer, like Rdio, is available on most of the platforms you can imagine, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows PC, smart TVs and car systems. It also exceeds the availability of Rdio in the passes, as it is available in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Tidal is a very capable alternative to Rdio, which brings some of the characteristics of Rdio along with its unique characteristics. Tidal has an excellent user interface, which is consistent across all platforms and ensures you don't have a bad experience when you are on a different type of device. Like Rdio, Tidal presents some excellent social networking features, such as the discovery of music for what your friends like and user playlists. While it is behind the catalog of 35 million songs of Rdio, it is not far with 25 million songs. It also brings its unique features like Tidal X to discover new artists, audio search, offline support and more.