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4 ways to generate organic engagement on Instagram

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The average engagement rate per post on Instagram is 1.60 percent.

Generating organic engagement could be a major challenge when Instagram decides to hide the likes.

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Soon it is possible that Instagram changes the way it works with respect to the generation of engagement, this in the very likely case that the platform decides to hide the likes of publications worldwide, as we recently reported, it is about a measure that you have already implemented in your most important market. Given this, it is possible that the obtaining of engagement can become a more challenging task, remember that the average engagement rate per publication in this social network amounts to 1.60 percent, according to figures shared by Rival IQ. To overcome the challenge that may come, this time we share some effective ways to generate organic engagement.

Develop puzzles relevant to the brand

This first recommendation to trigger organic engagement can be highly effective because unlike regular publications, where engagement can be boosted for a short period of time, with a puzzle it is possible to keep people occupied for longer interacting with the publication. or publications. According to Social Media Examiner, there are data that show that participating in activities results in a better recall.

In that sense, working with quizzes and puzzles is one of the best ways to follow when it comes to implementing activities, these make people stop and think for a minute. In addition, if it is possible to reach the emotions of the audience, people will be more inclined to share these contents within their own networks of contacts, which can consequently generate more engagement.

The key to working with this type of content is to link them to the general message of the brand, that is, you must choose a theme that reflects the brand and its central message, while identifying issues that consumers may have An emotional connection.

In addition to promoting engagement, these types of materials can be useful for reproductions and even generate off-platform traffic, for example, a puzzle can be used by bringing traffic to the site so that people can obtain more information regarding explanations or solutions to content that has been shared

Grow your community with emoji searches

As a second recommendation to detonate more organic engagement for the account of your brand or company are the emoji pockets. The basic idea with this dynamic is to make people find hidden emojis within a content, be it a photo or video, which can also be linked to the general content of the brand or company and its messages.

According to the source, this type of dynamics has helped various brands attract thousands of new followers for the accounts, for example, howfarfromhome account managed to add a large part of its 167 thousand followers with this type of dynamics.

To work it, you can leverage Instagram stories or posts in the feed, and as you can understand, the idea is simply to hide an emoji within an image or a series of images.

Finally, to take more advantage of the effectiveness of this dynamic, consider implementing it as a recurring section within the contents of the firm, for example, developing it at least once a week. It can even be further promoted by working with incentives that help trigger the interaction of people with these contents.

Nourishes the community with recurring challenges

Speaking of recurring sections, setting challenges under this same form of work can be another interesting way to boost organic engagement on Instagram.

In case you do not know, generally, a challenge on Instagram or an Instagram Challenge, is when you choose a theme and ask the community to share content (photos or videos) based on the ideas that emanate that theme. For example, the challenges may require participants to publish photos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is something similar to what happens with the challenges in TikTok, a key account marks the challenge with a content and the community generates its own participations and versions to fulfill it, thus benefiting the visibility of who imposes the dynamics.