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Xiaomi's new and very expensive ebook reader

After breaking into the world of mobile phones and now in the world of televisions, Xiaomi prepares to defeat the giant of the giants in the world of electronic books: Amazon. Xiaomi just announced My Reader, an ebook that has little to envy the cheapest Kindle.

Xiaomi Mi Reader is the first electronic book reader that will finally expand throughout the world. Has a 6-inch backlit electronic ink display, so be a perfect eReader for those who want to read day or night with the light off.

With a weight of only 178 grams and dimensions of 159.2 x 116 millimeters, it is not very different from a normal Amazon Kindle.

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Xiaomi Mi Reader will have 6-inch backlit display to read at night

Inside it has an Allwinner B300 quad-core 1.8GHz processor, it is not exactly a fast processor to use applications, but enough for the simplest task such as opening an app to read books.

One of the most curious details of this eBook reader is that although it works to read books, it uses an old version of Android, specifically Android 8.1 Oreo.

Xiaomi has not commented on whether it uses this version of Android to provide it with more capabilities such as the installation of applications. Although the Kindle include apps such as a browser, they are not very comfortable devices for use on the Internet due to the limited display.

Will have 16GB of internal memory and be compatible with books and documents with extensions epub, txt and pdf.

To load the books you can connect to the computer using a USB-C cable, but it is expected that you have Wi-Fi to send them via internet.

It will go on sale first in China on its crowdfunding platform on November 20 and with a very tempting price, 75 euros to change or 579 yuan in China at its launch, later cost about 77 euros.

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