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Xiaomi presents a power bank with hand warmer »ERdC

Xiaomi presents a power bank with hand warmer

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Xiaomi, along with the launch of new mobile devices with a good value for money, is also known for launching some devices and accessories useful only through its line of products from other segments. Today, the company has launched a small power bank which also works as a hand warmer. A gadget of this style can be perfect for the fra winter season.

Power Bank with Xiaomi hand warmer

The hand warmer provides double side heating at a constant temperature of 52 As for the design, it reminds us a lot of a small radio with retro appearance. The company says that aluminum is present in the body so that it can Quickly conduct heat.

As for the security part, Xiaomi states that the device is made with technologya composed of multiple materials and it is combined with Fire resistant ABS. This construction makes it safe and reliable for daily use.

Has two physical buttons visible on the device. By pressing the left button the function of power bank and it also shows the remaining energy on the device While if it is pressed the right button for about three seconds, the function of hand warming, and also the actual temperature.

Heating function

Once the hand warming function is activated, the power bank starts to heat quickly in five seconds and when reaches 52 degrees, keeps the temperature constant. This will undoubtedly be quite useful during the winter season. The 5,000 mAh battery offers a function of hand warming up to 4 hours in a row.

Power bank function

Talking about their functions as a traditional power bank, as we mentioned, it has a small format. The total capacity of your battery reaches only 5,000 mAh. Therefore, it may be useful for make some emergency charge or fully charge our phone once, depending on the battery capacity of the mobile device. It also comes with integrated security measures, such as automatic shutdown and overload protection. There is no mention that the device has fast charging capabilities.

This new hybrid device between power bank and hand warmer from Xiaomi reach the market in Three color options: green, pink and red. The curious gadget is now available for purchase in China for a price of 138 yuan, which becomes around 18 euros or 20 dollars.

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