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Write less and faster with this awesome application

Productivity in the smartphone usually goes through tools to manage tasks and for those who are destined to point in these tasks. One of the most basic is keyboard since it is usually the first element with which we interact through the smartphone. And it is vital to be more productive: a keyboard can make a difference, also other tools related to texts.

Writing fast and well is basic. As we said, any of the most popular keyboards get those two principles, then we have accessories as practical as Typing hero, a new application that we have been testing. Why "typing hero«? Because with this app you can save countless keystrokes.

Typing Hero, create as many texts as you want and enter them by simply writing an abbreviation

Write faster with this awesome corrective application

The application we are talking about allows you to apply a series of previously written macros or texts in any place where there is a writing drawer. In broad strokes it could be a clipboard with fixed elements, just like Gboard does, for example. But it goes much further since Typing hero Save up to the search of the copied texts: just write an abbreviation, previously personalized, so that the text appears magically before your eyes.

The operation of Typing hero it's really simple:

  • Start the application and create a new shortcut or snippet with the lower "+".
  • Choose the abbreviation you prefer. With a minimum of 3 letters, the ideal is that you use something simple that you will not write as usual word. «Kzg», «bnc»? Make it easy to memorize and associate the text to be automatically pasted.
  • Type the text that will replace the abbreviation. Your postal address, that of the company, your email address …
  • Save and you will have a shortcut created.
  • Finally you will have to accept that Typing Hero accesses the accessibility tools.

Write faster with this awesome corrective application

You can create all the shortcuts or snippets you want: Typing Hero will magically replace them with the desired text when you write And it does not matter the keyboard or the application where you type: it will work equally and without any complications.

Typing Hero is quite similar to the text replacement that comes standard on iOS; only that the shortcuts are not shown as a suggestion on the keyboard but are directly pasted replacing the abbreviation. All without costing you anything, without having ads and within a secure application: Typing Hero does not use texts or abbreviations, nor does he share them.