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Transparent: this is the new OLED screen presented by LG in Argentina

Transparent: this is the new OLED screen presented by LG in Argentina – LA NACION





This is what OLED Transparent looks like, LG's technology that offers various creative uses to display information content with transparent screens

 presented its new series of Transparent OLED screens, a technology that integrates the windows and the environment to offer content and information in an attractive and dynamic way. The team is oriented to business environments and developments and is characterized by a high degree of adaptation to various environments.

With a technology that LG
Reveal in prototypes five years ago, Transparent OLED screens can be used vertically and can also be combined horizontally to form a videowall. It can also be used on the ceiling, on the wall and in various combinations of mosaic on a wall thanks to its design with ultra-thin edges.

In addition to the transparency of the panel, this new series of screens aimed at the corporate and business sectors allow combining the use of augmented reality technology with various lighting combinations. In turn, the panel has a tempered front glass that protects the Transparent OLED screen from bumps.

LG plans to deploy these types of screens for the Argentine digital billboard market to take advantage of the creative visual effects offered by transparent OLED technology.


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