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Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case, a wireless case for Apple iPhone

The covers They are an element that has become essential for users, since they protect the integrity of smartphones, something very important now that they usually include glass in their finish. Well, if you have one of the new Apple iPhone, there is an accessory that you should not overlook: Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case.

This product, which adapts perfectly to the design of the telephone of the Cupertino company, comes to be much more useful than you might think. That is, it is possible to consider it as a five in one, something that is not exactly common in the cases for smartphones (and we do not talk about including a clip that allows color to the device in lectern format). Perhaps, what most attracts attention is that this model is capable of charge wirelessly Different devices

Cases to protect Apple AirPods headphones to the fullest

Wireless charging, Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case key

In the Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case, in a small hump in the lower part of it, the pad is integrated to make loads compatible with the standard Qi, so its compatibility is immense. Therefore, it is possible from using with Bluetooth headphones like with smartphones (with a power of 7.5 W if it is an iPhone and, in the case of using it with an Android terminal, it reaches 10 W). Therefore, we talk about an excellent solution that can be used without having to remove product from the phone in which it is placed.

Here it should be noted that this case includes space for the use of two ports. One is your own Lightning to manage everything you need with the new Apple iPhone, such as connecting it to a computer or listening to music. Additionally, a USB type C which is what provides the power to the wireless charger that we talked about before, so we never subtract use options. The truth is that this accessory is well thought out.

Using the Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case

Final details and buy this case

One of the positives is that the case is capable of withstand falls of up to one meter high without any problem and, in addition, includes reinforcements in the corners to protect this place that is usually the one that receives the most impacts. In terms of compatibility with Apple smartphones, this is the one offered by Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case:

  • iPhone X; Xs; Xs Max
  • iPhone Xr
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 11

iPhone compatible with Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case

If you want to get one of these cases, in white or black, now you have already obtained financing in Kickstarter, so the purchase is completely reliable. The price it has is 19 euros, a quantity of the most adjusted, with a shipment that takes place in February 2020.