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This website is a kind of Netflix with more than 400 hours of German domestic videos recorded between 1947 and 1990

A few weeks ago I discovered a photo taken in 2012 from the ISS that left me shocked. In it you can see Berln illuminated at night, and it is impressive to be able to see from a bird's eye view that they still exist differences between the east and west.

In the image you can see that the lights are different on either side of the, no longer existing, Wall. The reason is that in the eastern part sodium vapor lamps are used yellow, while in the western part there are fluorescent lamps.

One look, no filters, another time

Although it must have been terrible, the truth is that the stories before each of the walls are fascinating and today we are going to recommend a website that will help us understand life a little better in the eastern part of the country.

'Open Memory Box' is a website that collects amazing work, since they have digitized over 400 hours of home movies filmed in Germany between 1947 and 1990 (one year before the Berlin Wall fell).

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In addition, the web design is excellent, and there is even a random way to get into a succession of clips without having to search for anything. To achieve this work, they have had to digitize and cure video hours they have obtained from 149 German families.

Another interesting area of ​​'Open Memory Box' is the "Archive", in which we will find a mosaic divided by themes: weddings, car races, beer, mountains, flowers, babies, monuments, dogs or sunsets.

It is appreciated make the experience so simple and fluid. The creators of this project have spent time editing these films of different families, editing and pasting them so that we can enjoy them without having to click on anything.

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As a curious fact, surfing the web I found some videos in which you see naked people (NSFW). It attracts attention as in East Germany there are already such "freedoms" many decades ago, while in some parts of the world that remains a tab today.

         This website is a kind of Netflix with more than 400 hours of German domestic videos recorded between 1947 and 1990