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This explosive train game challenges you with its mix of puzzles and crashes

Conduct This! It is a game in which we will have to do train controllers. Make each train arrive at its destination without crashing, and get passengers to reach their platforms.

The games, besides entertaining us, they present us with a challenge. It can be to end a rival much stronger than us, it can be to manage a lot of resources, or it can be a simple skill challenge. And smartphones have opened up a world of possibilities for developers working on these games.

And the game we bring you today have a little of everything. It has the tension that requires to be aware of several trains at the same time, it has the necessary skill to handle them all, and it has the reward of getting all the travelers to reach their corresponding platform. That's what goes Conduct This !, a game in which we will have to control many trains.

Drive trains of all kinds in β€˜Conduct This!’

Conduct This!

Conduct This! It is a game in which we control trains on screen. The only thing we can do is stop them, really, and change course when we have fork roads. On the trains you can only upload single-colored stick figures at the same time. And the goal is to fill the train of that color and take them to the platform of the same color.

But it's not always as simple as that. In addition to having a time limit, many times we will find obstacles in the way. Other trains that we cannot control, vehicles crossing sections, or even more than 4 trains to be controlled at the same time. The goal is to achieve reach the goal of travelers in the shortest possible time, and without crashing.

Train game: Conduct This!

Conduct This! this available on Google Play, and it's free. We can use real money to stop ads from appearing (€ 5.49), and to unlock all trains and all levels at once (€ 10.99).