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The union of Razer and Nextbit makes us dream with a spectacular device


The union of Razer and Nextbit makes us dream with a spectacular device

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3 February, 2017

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A story that perhaps has not had much impact throughout the week, because they are still signatures (we would say almost underground), but it does not go unnoticed by lovers of "different" technology, it is the purchase of Nextbit by the manufacturer of Razer laptops. In principle, this novelty left us somewhat confused because it is two brands without much in common, but what comes out of their union is promising.

Although, perhaps because of its dedication to a very specific profile, it is not a firm as well known as the classic ones Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, etc. Razer has built some of the most desired laptops by gamers of pro of all the world. The premiere of his first Blade, in fact, made him a reference firm in the segment. For its part Nextbit, a startup created by former Apple, Android and HTC engineers, gave us a really distinctive terminal a couple of years ago. He Robin It is a user-centric smartphone, with a very particular design, far from fashion, and with a quality that made it unique, the space capacity of virtual storage of 100 initial gigabytes.

iPad Pro: how Razer's video keyboard works and looks

iPad Pro: how Razer's video keyboard works and looks

The strengths of Nextbit and Razer

Clearly, the strength of Razer It consists of the hardware. Its black and sober laptops with dedicated graphics cards and a constitution designed to optimize power and thermal efficiency, are the most advanced that can be found in the market. Of course, they are not cheap equipment, quite the opposite, unlike the Nextbit robin which was a fairly accessible terminal for the figures in which the flagship today.

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The strength of this emerging mobile company lies in, on the one hand, its freshness and originality, and on the other in the software tools they develop for their small ecosystem. The customization layer of the Nextbit Robin is very authentic, while the manufacturer's native cloud-based tools have been perfected, until today they become very valuable resources competent.

Predator, Shield or Nintendo Switch as inspiration?

If we look inside the mobile segment There have been a few firms that have worked from the gaming experience, the last one (and more aggressive) is that of Nintendo with its console Switch. Given Razer's history, therefore, we would not be surprised if the Nextbit purchase destination had to do with a tablet capable of running games in an advanced way. NvidiaIn addition, it has always been a strategic ally of the manufacturer of laptops, which would help to achieve a top team, capable of challenging any other mobile initiative of the moment.

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