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the turn-based strategy game that goes for Civilization

Are you looking for a game of conquest and turn-based strategy on Android? Do you miss titles like Civilization on your mobile? The Battle of Polytopia is a game that meets all that.

The turn-based strategy games They are a classic among computer games. 4X games like Civilization are very well known and played on PC, they have an audience that does not stop playing them. But in mobile it is difficult to find games that fit that description.

Maybe because of the lack of power, maybe because of the touch controls, we have not seen great attempts in this genre. At most we have seen adaptations Arcadian of reputable titles such as Civilization. But today we bring you a game that we have already talked about in The Free Android, and that aims to be the Civilization of Android.

Raise a civilization that resists the passage of time

Polytopia for Android

The Battle of Polytopia is a simple and fun game for this reason: take the turn-based strategy games and adapt them to mobiles. We are the leader of a civilization, and we decide how it expands. What battles we fight, where we move, what towns we become in our cities and what branches of science we investigate

Polytopia for Android

The operation of Polytopia is simple, and that is one of its great strengths: is very well prepared to work on mobile. Everything can be done without problems with the touch screen, from improving units to sending them into battle. It is also simple to manage cities, although it may be too simple and not give us too many options.

However, not everything is good at Polytopia. The biggest flaw is that there is no way to be unlimited shifts, the game always ends at 30 turns or when we eliminate all rivals. There is also no way to make sure all available units are occupied, we can forget some units that are far from the action.

The Battle of Polytopia is available for free on Google Play. It has payments within the application with which we can buy new races. But it is not necessary to pay; The free game comes with four free races.