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The Official WWDC 2012 Application Now Available for iPad

Apple launches the iPad application WWDC 2012. This application allows you be up to date with the 2012 World Developers Conference and of course the Keynote with which Apple opens the conference. To enter the application you have to have an entry for the event, register with your Apple id and you are already inside.

WWDC 2012 iPad

Examine the program of talks and conferences. With WWDC 2012 you can organize your agenda so you don't miss any conference that is of your interest. You can see schedules, a detailed description of the talk.

The application allows you to share comments in real time from the conferences and laboratories you have attended.

Double-tap your favorite sessions, so you can see which ones conflict in the calendar and decide which one is most important to you.

With WWDC 2012 for iPad You can enjoy a photo gallery of the event. The application also includes a lot of information about the event, such as new news, an event map, transportation schedules, etc.

This app from the App Store works really well, but it is a pity that the one who does not have entrance for the event cannot navigate through it, and enjoy the images, news. Do not worry, at least from iPadizate you can follow the Apple Keynote.

Download WWDC 2012 App for iPad

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