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The definitive application to quickly open your applications

We test App Dialer Pro, a floating application that allows us to access any application anywhere. The secret? A predictive floating keyboard in which we can search for any application or contact that is in our mobile.

Search for any application or faster contact with this great keyboard

This was App Dialer 4 years ago.

App Dialer is an application that has been with us for years, and of which we have already talked to you a few years ago. Naturally, over time the application has improved a lot, and it deserves to be revisited. Moreover, when its developer has decided to make the Pro version free. Spectacular.

App Dialer Pro is a keyboard. It?s not a keyboard we use to talk on WhatsApp, but a keyboard to find applications. We can use it as a QWERTY keyboard, but also in the fast T9 distribution that mobile phones had in the past.

This application It aims to replace the application chart of our mobile, and solves a big problem to those of us who have too many applications and contacts that we don't use frequently. When you want to search for the application, you can't find it, and maybe it would be faster if you write it.

That is the purpose and function of App Dialer Pro, and it has no greater complexity. And if it's so simple, why is it so good? Well, mainly, for the ease of choosing how we want to access it.

As assistant

App Dialer can replace in quick access to Google Assistant. From the wizard settings you can choose it, and the keyboard will appear whenever you press and hold the home button. The problem with this function is that it replaces your virtual assistant, so it may not be valid for many.

As widget

Nothing like having the keyboard as a desktop widget. It works great, although you will have to change the theme of the keyboard to light or dark if your wallpaper prevents the keyboard from looking good in transparent, as happens to me.

As notification

As soon as you install it, a notification appears (which can be removed). It has quick access to applications and a button to open the keyboard.

My favorite: as a gesture in Nova Launcher

Surely the only one that could not be contemplated by the developer is the one that I liked the most, it's how I have it configured on my mobile. Thanks to the customization of Nova Launcher, you can assign the launch of this application to a gesture.

In my case, the gesture has been to slide from bottom to top, completely replacing the application drawer (which I can still access by pressing the start button).

Many configuration available

To access the settings we will have to hold down the gearwheel, which will take us to the settings. Here we can change the subject, as well as give you access to our contacts so that they also appear in the search.

App Dialer Pro and its arrival in the free mode are an application that has become an essential for us. Install it now, because it is well worth it.