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The best apps to make video calls with your Android phone

The voice call is practical, but it is clear that if you want to catch up with a person or have something more similar to what a conversation will be like, the video call is the best we have. But there are many apps for it, but not all of them are good. We recommend the best apps to make them that you can find for your Android.

Skype – The most popular

We do Skype is already becoming one of the most common expressions to say we make a video call, whatever the app is. And is that Skype is one of the most popular apps to make video calls. The Microsoft alternative that allows you to make group video calls, call over the Internet and much more.

skype apps video calls

Skype: video calls and free MI

Skype: video calls and free MI

Discord – Chat for players

Another option that is well known, especially in the gaming world isDiscordThis app is designed for players offering many facilities for them and for them to talk while they play. But it includes the ability to make video calls, it is an app that once you have everything organized it is already very easy and even if you are not a player it is a very versatile app.

Of course, you cannot make group video calls. Or video call or individual call or group call, but not video. But you can also have servers where everyone posts what they want and it is easier to find players.

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Discord - Chat for players

Discord - Chat for players

Facebook Messenger – The app for everything

One of the good things that Facebook offers us is the amount of options it offers us. ANDFacebook Messenger,Apart from being one of the most popular chat apps, it also allows us to make high quality video calls. It also allows group video calls.

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