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The best applications to broadcast

The broadcast of live content is fashionable, especially in the area of Gaming. Today we talk about two applications that will help you broadcast live content from your mobile. Fast and easy.

He stream It has become a way of life for more and more players, as well as an entertainment method for many other players They simply enjoy sharing their plays or just watching others play.

Although modern game consoles can normally broadcast live the king platform of broadcasts is the PC. Still, there are games that are increasingly enjoyed on touch screens, such as Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Can you broadcast content from your mobile? Of course.

Samsung Game Live, the Samsung mobile application

We start with a Samsung application to record content. That application only works with Samsung devices, so if your mobile is not of this brand we recommend using the alternative proposed below.

Samsung Game Live is an application designed to broadcast live content from mobile video games. It is a fairly simple application that allows us to stream our games directly on Facebook, or YouTube.

Simply press a button, configure if we want our profile image to appear and decide if we want to capture sound from our microphone or access the chat directly. Once this is configured, The application will show us a list of our mobile games and we can start the broadcast, being able to notify on social networks that our broadcast has begun.

Samsung Game Live in APKMirror.

You don't have a Samsung? We recommend BitStream

Samsung Game Live is a very careful application, but it is certainly not the best alternative when your mobile or tablet is not from the South Korean firm. We have tried many alternatives, and The one we liked the most is BitStream.

This free application (with additions through micropayments like a floating chat) also allows us to send content to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live. We have tried to issue a game of Clash Royale, and even through mobile data the quality is quite good (yes, in the 5 minutes we have played we have spent 140MB, so we recommend using WiFi).

The alternatives proposed by this application is broadcast from any of the mobile cameras (to make a live Videoblog for example) or what we see on the screen of our mobile (although this function is only compatible for mobile phones with Android 5.0 onwards).

Finally, note that the application asks us to use a «powerful mobile» to get a good experience, and although we have tested it on an Honor 9 and it works great, we cannot ensure that it works correctly on older or low-end phones.