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The 10 best Google Tango applications you should try

Google's Augmented Reality platform, "Google Tango," has been available for only a couple of months, but the Play Store is already booming with some great AR applications. Pokemon Go was possibly the AR Killer application that provided the necessary momentum for developers to think more about AR, and now that Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro has become the first Tango phone, there are a lot of real AR applications available in Play Store. Therefore, if you have a smart phone enabled for Google Tango and are looking for the best applications to take advantage of them, here are the 10 best Google Tango apps you can try :

1. WayfairView

WayfairView is a really useful application (and honestly, a little fun). Use augmented reality to help you visualize how to see a product in your home . The application supports several furniture and lighting fixtures You can place in your home. So, if you were postponing the purchase of that new ottoman for your living room, for fear that it will not go well with the environment, you can simply use WayfairView to place an AR version of the stool in your living room. You can even rotate and move the ottoman to see where it looks better. The application has a large number of different elements that you can review, and with the search option, you can even search for a specific object of interest.

If you are looking at lighting fixtures, you can even adjust the color and intensity of light, along with the style of the reflexes. One of the best features of the application is that you remember where you are placing the objects, so if you need to remodel a complete room, you can simply continue adding products to the places where you want them. Then, when you look around, all objects will be in their positions, and you can better visualize how the entire room will look.

Free download)

2. Dinosaurs among us

Dinosaurs Among Us is an application created by the Natural History Museum, conceived as a augmented reality experiment . The application uses Tango sensors in its smart phone for depth detection, and uses that data to place 3D dinosaur models in your environment . The application comes with dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Archeopteryx, and more, just after leaving the "Dinosaurs Among Us" exhibition of the museum.

Once you've placed a dinosaur, you can resize it and place it where you want. In addition, for people who prefer not to have dinosaurs around their living room, even in augmented reality (thanks, Jurassic Park!), The application can also be used to place framed photos of dinosaurs in Any place you want. Dinosaurs Among Us also allows users to learn more about the dinosaurs available in the application.

Free download)

3. solar simulator

Another great application that you can use on Google Tango phones, Solar Simulator allows you to visualize the solar system Inside your room First you will have to place the Sun at one end of your room and then move away to place Neptune at the other end. The application recommends a distance of 25 meters between the two celestial bodies, but you can make it work with less. Once you have done that, the application automatically places the rest of the planets in the solar system. Then you can walk along the Solar System and focus on individual planets . When you touch on a planet, it places you in " Planet mode ", where you are shown details about the planet, along with your distance from the planet (by scale) and the speed at which you travel to it, if you start moving. closer.

By touching the "three lines" button at the bottom of the screen, options for additional details to the Solar System are shown. May enable "other bodies", to see asteroids and moons. Can also activate the revolution, which causes the planets to revolve around the sun, at speeds relative to their real speeds. The application is very interesting, and you should definitely give it a try.

Download ($ 2.99)

4. Tango Vrtigo

Tango Vertigo is a really cool application that you can use in your smart phone enabled for Google Tango. The application does not serve any real utility, but it is a incredible experience . With Tango Vertigo, you can open a portal to a different world, through your flat. You can point your phone towards the ground and touch it. The application offers you three options to choose from: space, dungeon and city . Choosing space opens a "hatch" on your floor, with the Earth visible through it, and the City basically gives you a view of (what I think it is) the New York City skyline, without any real detail. However, my favorite is the Dungeon. Is a space very realistic and artistically lit, which will definitely leave you wanting to see more.