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SkyGrid and JustReader News, two news applications for your Tablet

The tablets are having an important boom, with their large screens are ideal for browsing, reading, etc. comfortably from anywhere. Honeycomb tablets are new to this and that It shows that there are still many applications that do not take advantage of all the possibilities of the new resolutions and sizes.

Today we bring you two applications to always be informed on your tablet, since these are two news applications. One of them comes directly from sweeping the iPad so it has a very good shoot and it shows when using it. We will see a little more in depth applications SkyGrid and JustReader News.


This application has had a huge success on iPad since it has been named the best news application for them. The quality of it is more than proven.

What we find in Honeycomb is a very well designed application which makes use of the entire screen to show us information. We can navigate using the column on the left and see the large-scale content on the right side.

We can do that notify us when we want if there is new news To always be up to date.

It is very easy to add our interests to show us news related to them. Use a database of more than 1 million sources so it is impossible not to find information about what we are looking for.

She is really very careful and it shows that she has already taken a tour on another platform, she has just landed on Android and it is certainly one of the best we can find for our tablets.

JustReader News

This application also has a mobile version, but really worthwhile is the tablet version.

The arrangement is very similar to the previous one since it shows us the news on the left and they are displayed in full on the right in a separate window.

This application is more customizable since we can change the subject (dark light). Another interesting thing is that it has offline support So we can "download" the news we want and read it anywhere without having to have a data connection.

We can add all the feeds we want and is also compatible with Google Reader, so we can have all our feeds in the same application and manage them from there.

What do you think about these applications? What application do you use to read news on your tablets?