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Share the screen while playing with this Sony app

Playing on mobile is something completely common, also playing in company, either in online multiplayer mode or in person. It is even common that we play in front of friends to demonstrate achievements, teach certain tricks or simply to brag about how well we spend the levels. But what if you don't have your friends around and still want to show them how to play?

Sony It has been proposed to solve this dilemma (First World Problem) with an application in tests that, surprisingly, is available for the vast majority of Android, not only for the Japanese brand mobiles. Playj It is his name. And it does exactly what it promises: lets you contact a friend and comment on the game while you share your screen.

Play in the company of your friends even if you are away from each other

Share the screen while playing with this Sony app

The idea behind Playj is that anyone can share their screen with another person without using services such as Twitch or YouTube Live: Simply install Sony PlayJ, register with Google or Facebook account and invite any of your friends.

The registration process is simple, you have already seen it. Also the way to start the game and share the screen: just choose any of the installed applications and send an invitation. If your contact does not have PlayJ installed the application must be downloaded to see you In the event that the process has already been registered, it is direct: just accept your invitation.

Share the screen while playing with this Sony app

Sony PlayJ Share the screen remotely together with the sound of the application and your own voice. This way your friends will not only see the game (or app), you can also talk to them as if it were a conference. And you will see each other as PlayJ will include on the screen the thumbnails captured by the front cameras. It's fast, simple, it doesn't lock whenever you both have a good connection and allows you communicate in real time.

Share the screen while playing with this Sony app

PlayJ is a free application that, as we said, not limited to Sony mobiles. It does not include direct advertising, but recommended apps, such as the Sony Xperia interface. And it lacks in-app purchases, another important point.

An excellent way to share the mobile screen with another person

Although Playj It is designed for games that does not prevent you from sharing the operation of an application with another person as it allows you to demonstrate any app, including desktops. For example, imagine that you want to teach your parents how WhatsApp works remotely. Because with Playj you can do it.

Sony PlayJ Now available in the Google Play Store. It is valid for Android phones with version 5 or higher.