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Samsung eliminates the Galaxy J and creates a new family, the Galaxy M

2018 is being a complicated year for Samsung. Its high-end terminals are good and both the public and critics value them, but worldwide the competition is too aggressive.

That is why those responsible for the Korean company are modifying their strategies for the following years and that happens by changing the focus of some of their families of more striking products.

On November 11 these changes will be made official, as well as details of them, but we can already move forward two very relevant movements.

The Galaxy J disappear and integrate into the Galaxy A

Samsung eliminates the Galaxy J and creates a new family, the Galaxy M

The Galaxy A family is one of the youngest in the portfolio of the Asian company. What started with an experiment in the form of Galaxy Alpha has managed to be a very relevant line of business.

The problem is that in recent months the competition has been able to cancel many of the products that were integrated into this category.

That is why Samsung has already announced that it would give more priority to the mid-range, specifically this family, and for that it will eliminate the Galaxy J and integrate your best products in the Galaxy A.

Samsung's first mobile with triple camera: filtered the Galaxy A7 (2018)

This family will be responsible for releasing some of the innovations of the brand, such as the rear camera that will have the future terminal of the brand that has already been filtered.

The Samsung Galaxy M will be the new low range

But fighting on price is also necessary so the corporation will create a new product category, the Samsung Galaxy M.

This new family will focus mainly on Asian markets and it is not in vain that it replaces the Galaxy On that were only sold in those countries.

They will also be the substitutes for the Galaxy J in those regions so in the West we should not expect to see them, at least in principle.