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Samsung approaches Apple in the design of the S11 + camera module

Galaxy S11 +

With at least three months ahead until Samsung makes the new Galaxy S11 official, images of the new Galaxy S11 + have already been leaked. It has been the CashKaro news portal in charge of revealing what is possibly the final design of the next flagship of the Korean company, the older brother of the family that will come to rival the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Among the things that most attract attention we have the huge camera module that Samsung has assembled, reminding us of the iPhone 11 Pro. So many jokes will be made with this as they did with the Apple terminal?

In the pictures we can see a continuous design as far as the shape of the device is concerned, as well as the detail of the removal of the 3.5mm Jack port for headphones. You could not miss the curved edge screen in addition, and characteristic of this series.

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A huge outgoing module to house 5 cameras.

If what we can see in these images is confirmed, it will be all a statement of intent by Samsung by betting on what appears to be one of the most complete photographic systems in the current mobile landscape. Of these 5 cameras we assume that you have an angle, a telephoto lens, an ultra wide angle and a ToF sensor, but you need to know what your fifth asset is. It seems that Samsung is putting the meat on the grill to present a device that can stand up to the current super high-end market. Being able to rival the amazing iPhone 11 Pro?

For now, wait.

If Samsung's modus operandi does not change, not be until February we see the new device. Be then when you can beat face to face in front of the new iPhone and make it clear if you are a worthy rival, or on the contrary "many cameras and few nuts".