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Pixel 4 facial recognition works even with your eyes closed

Google Pixel 4

On October 15, the Mountain View guys officially presented the new Pixel range in addition to the Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go and the 2nd generation Google Nest Mini. Since then, practically every day we have some news related to Google Pixel 4, as many good as bad.

The new Google terminal opens a facial recognition system which allows the terminal to be unlocked only by using our face, since it does not incorporate another method of unlocking, such as a fingerprint sensor that did incorporate the previous three generations. However, it seems that Google's Face ID has a peculiar operation.

As confirmed by the company itself, after having jumped the controversy, the Pixel 4 can be unlocked although we are with our eyes closed (or deceased), which is a problem for the security of the terminal, since for example a relative of ours can access it if we are sleeping or a thief …

Fortunately, this function can be deactivated So that it only works when we have our eyes open, but we have to think about what may have been the reason why Google has introduced the possibility of unlocking the device with eyes closed.

Of course, this new facial recognition system is as effective as the one offered by Apple through Face ID, so you cannot use a simple photograph to try to access the device. The technology that we can find next to the facial recognition sensor also incorporates a gesture control system called Soli.

This gesture control system allows us to interact with our smartphone making use of certain gestures, a function that makes much more sense on a tablet because of its size, it is more convenient to use it to consume content.

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