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New details of the Android 4.2 version


New details of the Android 4.2 version

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October 7, 2012

As the launch of the next Nexus, rumors appear about the features that the new operating system will present Android 4.2. Many media begin to affirm that they will finally receive the name of Key Lime Pie and that to see a deeper evolution, we will have to wait for 5.0 in autumn of the year it has. However, this new delivery of the software Google You can bring us very interesting news.

This time it has been Android and Me, a recognized page specializing in the operating system for mobile phones and tablets from Google, who has compiled the likely novelties the next Android that will come from the hand of a new Nexus within a period of approximately one month. The article dares to detail various features They seem very likely, and many of them will certainly please the regular users of this system.

New Customization Centern: it is about providing the operating system with an application where you can manage everything that has to do with the appearance from the desktop, icons, tones (in the case of phones), languages, etc. It is not something too sophisticated, but previously the control of all these sections was a bit fragmented and in many cases you had to download applications to carry out a deep customization. The idea is to facilitate all these operations.

New Roadrunner project: basically, it consists of optimizing the consumption of Energy to prolong the load of batteries. It is something similar to what Project Butter implies in terms of responsiveness.

Google Play update: The aim is to improve the search options of the Android application market to adapt them to each user. We also want to develop an optional notification system for promotions Specials and offers. Finally, it is intended to facilitate micropayments in those applications that offer extensions or extra services.

Google Now: This novelty seeks to facilitate the handling of new users even more by showing how some of the most basic operations of configuration how to activate Bluetooth or adjust brightness.

Updated video player: The native application to play video will improve when integrated with other services and applications. On Android and Me, they believe it may have to do with a new streaming video service that Google prepares.

Nexus programs: Although any manufacturer can ally in a timely manner with Goolge, the search engine company wants to make Nexus a brand with its own continuity line. Somehow I would seek to distinguish genuinely Google devices from those that only run their Android operating system. The idea would be to require the manufacturer a series of terms to ensure that all ?Nexus qualities? can run smoothly.