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LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, analysis, features and opinion

LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, LG's proposal to use without hands 1

Before Google launched its Pixel 4 with hype and presumed to be able to control itself without touching them, LG already had its own devices on the market that allow this function. We have tried the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, a terminal that not only has powerful hardware, but also allows us to control with gestures in the air.

LG has given us great devices and pioneered the infinite screens, but it has also had stumbling blocks. Let's see on which side the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ is located.

Design without risks

LG wants to get an image that distinguishes its terminals, for this it has an already recognizable style and design. This device does not go out of the norm and its appearance betrays its LG essence. In principle, this is neither good nor bad, since if you like it, it seems perfect, but it may fall to the point of being something repetitive. Of course LG does not seem to agree and after all, they know what results they are giving.

The body of the LG G8s ThinQ has some measures of 155.3 x 76.6 x 7.99 mm and a weight of 181 grams, which means that despite having a good size, it is handled comfortably. It consists of a flat glass back, without curvature and a slightly rounded metallic frame. The distribution of its buttons is quite common in LG, but still we are going to review it.

LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, LG's proposal for hands-free use 2

The upper part is clean, leaving all the connections and buttons to the sides and the lower part. On the right side, it has the on / off button at the top, and the tray for SIM and microSD cards a little lower. In general, both are too high, given the size of the device and its placement is somewhat uncomfortable to use. The left side mounts two buttons to increase and decrease the volume, under which we have a third button dedicated to Google Assistant, in this case much easier to reach, at least if you are right-handed.

In the lower part, against the emptiness of the upper part, we find a maximum use of space. From left to right we have the connector 3.5mm jack for headphones, a USB Type-C port and a three hole speaker.

As we want to leave the best for last, let's go to the back. In it we have a horizontal module in color houses that houses three cameras and next to it we have a flash. Under all this we find the fingerprint sensor, very well centered and accessible. The LG logos and the name of the terminal engraved on this back complete the design. Although it is made of glass, we should not have problems with its fragility and it is coming protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 6, like the front. What you should know is that it is quite easy to get dirty with fingerprints and you can use it as a mirror without problems.

LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, LG's proposal for hands-free use 6

As for the camera module, we have a triple system consisting of a 12MP lens with f / 1.8 aperture, a super wide 13MP lens with f / 2.4 aperture and 136 of FOV, and a 12MP telephoto lens with f / 2.6 aperture . Of the result of which we will speak below.

A nocth that hides more than a camera

Again we have an important nocht on its front and the reason is exactly the same why the Pixel 4 has returned to the upper frame, being able to shelter everything necessary to use the mobile with gestures in the air.

In this nocth we find a second speaker that accompanies the one that we already show you from the bottom, but most of the space is occupied by the system of Z camera that allows us to use the functions of Air Motion and unlocking with the palm of your hand. On the left side of the notch we have a selfie camera of 8MP FF with opening f / 1.9, Between this and the speaker we find the Cmara Z system, which is composed of a TOF sensor and an infrared illuminator. The truth is that it is not the Pixel sensor, but it works quite well when it comes to capturing gestures, although we will talk about that later.

LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ, LG's proposal for hands-free use 7

As for the screen we have an 18.7: 9 format with a display 6.21-inch FullVision G-OLED diagonal with an FHD + resolution of 2248 x 1080p and with a density of 402ppp. The result is a screen that offers a good experience, with some colors that something cold comes from the factory, something that we expected since it is usually common in LG, but that we can adjust in the configuration. In this regard, making use of the True View option is highly recommended, since it adjusts the colors very correctly depending on the environment. That is surprising if LG stays in an FHD + resolution for a terminal in this range.

What has again left us with a very weak impression is the operation of the brightness sensor, slow and slow to adjust to the circumstances.

Warranty Hardware

LG has bet on insurance opting to make available to the G8s ThinQ a hardware that guarantees an optimal experience. Inside this device we have a processor Snapdragon 855 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which we can expand by microSD up to 2TB. This moves with a 3,550mAh battery with quick charge Quick Charge 3.