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Kobo Arc may be more powerful than Nexus 7


Kobo Arc may be more powerful than Nexus 7

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September 24, 2012

kobo arc

From the United States we images and new details of the new Kobo Arc arrive, a 7-inch Android tablet developed by one of Amazon's main competitors and therefore its Kindle Fire HD. We already knew a lot about Kobo Arc but until now we had not seen real images and nobody had been able to put their hands on it. We tell you what our fellow Americans have appreciated from the Kobo tablet.

Kobo ArcTo refresh the memory a little, Kobo Arc It is a 7-inch Android tablet with operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich modified, ARC OS, which offers a very personal user interface called Tapestries. This remember what content you have played, whether books, music, games or movies, and makes recommendations for similar new content. In addition, it allows you organize them in folders or tapestries in a very easy and visual way. In these folders that represent thematic and not type of content, we slide through the contents without having to move from one screen to another and we can put not only all kinds of content, but also links to websites and photos. The presentation of these folders is accompanied by a photo and, of course, you can have folders inside other folders. It is a very different way of presenting the contents of a tablet with respect to Android and iOS.

Kobo Arc

Also has Google Play license so we add these contents and Apps to those of your own platform. colleagues received a tablet still with the ARC OS unfinished but says it was tested, that is, passing the tests known as benchmarks outperforms Nexus 7 except in HTML 5. This misses us since Kobo Arc has a processor from OMAP 4470 dual core 1.5 GHz, like Kindle Fire HD 8.9, while Nexus 7 uses a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 at 1.3 GHz, although it has been tested on benchmarks that say it reaches 1.6 GHz and if it is unlocked it can reach 2 GHZ . If so, it should be due to the ARC OS operating system. Otherwise it is a tablet with good technical specifications, among which its screen with IPS panel and a resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels that gives a definition of 216 ppi, like Kindle Fire HD, its 10 hours of battery and your storage options. In this sense it will go on sale with an option of 16 GB by $ 199, 32 GB for $ 249 and 64 GB for $ 299.

It is a good option in the 7-inch low cost Android tablets that will be in American stores in November and to European countries, including Spain, a little later.