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Kemove portable keyboard with interchangeable keys for Windows and Mac

More and more users are looking for a portti keyboardl who can get the most out of their devices. And, this is where it comes in Kemove, the new solution that a Chinese company has launched and that will leave you with your mouth open. Your weapons? Mechanical and interchangeable keys, excellent versatility and resistance to everything.

And, this portable keyboard It stands out for having a series of technical characteristics, in addition to aesthetics, that make it different from any of its rivals. The best? That its price is quite restrained, since you can buy it for less than 60 euros through Kickstarter.

Portable keyboard

Yes, the company behind KEMOVE has opted for the well-known collective financing platform to launch this new product that will delight productivity lovers. More than anything because you will be able to use this portable and wireless keyboard on your Mac, Windows device, Apple or Android terminal in the most comfortable way possible.

This is how KEMOVE works, the best portable keyboard for those looking for versatility

To begin, we are faced with a mechanical and wireless keyboard, to offer a really comfortable solution to use. It has two designs of 61 keyboards or 64/66 keys. Yes, through a module it manages to go from 64 to 66 keys. All thanks to its so-called additional magic keys that can be configured on any key to offer tremendous possibilities of use.

Obviously, it is compatible with iOS, Android MacOS and Windows. And, with interchangeable keys, you can adapt the keys depending on the operating system you use. No, the Windows key will not be necessary for your Mac. And, you might prefer to create an enter key in another position to write more comfortably on your iPad. The result is simply spectacular.

Note that it has a 3,000 mAh battery, more than enough to offer a more than enough autonomy for any user. And eye, that the keys it integrates have Cherry / Gateron switches With unlimited RGB backlight, ideal for writing or playing at night. As you could see, this portable keyboard will allow you to fully squeeze its possibilities, all through its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity to make it compatible with any device that has support for this technology.

Kemove Laptop Keyboard Case

And beware, that the firm behind KEMOVE has thought of everything. More than anything because this curious portable keyboard for all types of devices comes with a case that allows you to take it anywhere and in a really comfortable way. The best? That above is water resistant, so if you drop the coffee on it, not be the end of the world.

  Kemove portable keyboard

Regarding the price and release date of this interesting portable keyboard, To say that KEMOVE can now be purchased through Kickstarter at a price that does not exceed 60 euros at the exchange, including shipping costs, for the simplest model. A scandal figure for a gadget with these characteristics. If you are interested, you just have to enter the project website available on Kickstarter, and reserve your unit. The first shipments will begin in March 2020.

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