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iPad is no longer the king. iPad mini to the rescue?


iPad is no longer the king. iPad mini to the rescue?

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October 4, 2012

iPad king of tablets

A study done in the United States and US consumers illustrates the current state of the tablet market and how little by little it has become a leading device in our lives. It seems that 25% of American adults have a tablet and all of them 52% have an iPad, in any of its models, and 48% have an Android tablet.

iPad king of tabletsLast year's data by these dates indicated a much greater contrast between the two operating systems, with Apple having 81% of this market. It's amazing what has changed in a single year but in July 2011, only 11% of American adults had a tablet. As we can see the figure has doubled and has grown a little more.

The blame for this growth seems to fall largely on the Android side, but a device must be pointed out, the Kindle Fire that has 21% of the market.

It is important to see that the data from this study were performed before the departure of Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, so it is likely that Manzana You no longer have the global domain of tablets, with a share of less than 50%. Still, it would still be the main manufacturer, given that the share of Android must be divided between several major manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, Do and Sony, to which Google has joined, with the help of Asus, and Amazon.

Apple may not really see its sales resentful since tablet users do nothing but increase and do so with more speed on the side of its growing competitors. The apple company will not only have to rival other manufacturers in that dual battle iOS vs Android, but a new guest, Microsoft, puts the operating system Windows 8 in play on October 26. Also in the USA will have more competitors that have joined the cart to make tablets to fight in the sale of content like Barnes & Noble with its Nook HD and Kobo with Kobo Arc, both with modified operating systems adapted to their content platforms. He iPad mini It should cover the flank where Apple is really suffering from the competition: small tablets and low cost. It seems that the October the 17th He will make his presentation in society.

Source: Slash Gear