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Huawei P30 and P30 Pro: Where to buy it in the United States

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro: Where to buy it in the United States


The Huawei P30 Pro can be ordered in advance in the United States, through the retailer B&H.

Rika Garca / CNET

If you looked enviously at the Huawei phones of your friends and family in other parts of the world, you can now get their latest flagship models, theHuawei P30and theP30 Pro, through two of the largest retailers in the United States.

Buying a Huawei device in the country is not an easy or obvious process, since the manufacturer's devices are not sold through telephones, largely because of the intricate relationship of the Chinese company with the US government. In short, the United States government has concerns about the links of what is the second largest distributor of smart phones in the world behind Samsung and in front of Apple and the Chinese government who accuses of spying to other governments and foreign companies using Huawei's infrastructure although not particularly the phones.

Although the operators yielded to the pressure of the government, you can find the huawei p30including theP30 Proand theP30 Lite in B&H and also in Amazon.


At B&H, a New York-based retailer, you can buy the 128GB P30 Lite for $ 319 (or less if you take advantage of their promotions), the 128GB P30 for $ 600 and the P30 Pro for 256GB for $ 900. B&H seems to have quite a few stocks of some models but if you notice delays when ordering.

Likewise, all three cell phones will be sent free of charge and consumers will get three months free on the Mint mobile service (with a value of US $ 60). These models are compatible with the GSM network, so they will work with the T-Mobile and AT&T 4G LTE networks. All cell phones come with slots for two SIM cards.

If you buy in B&H you will receive a limited warranty of one year.

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If you do not want to wait for a B&H device you can order your P30 Pro right now at Amazon, but you will pay more and you will lose the chance to get the guarantee.

Amazon has the black 128GB model for $ 925. The 256GB model costs $ 992.

According to Amazon lists, shipping for all consumers will be free but only Prime members can receive it in one two days

Editor's Note: This article was updated with information from Amazon.

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