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how to prepare any technological gift for your children

Today, and especially now that we are in the middle of Black Friday, it is quite common to give technology to your children. Yes, the gadgets They are an increasingly everyday product in our day. And of course, things are no longer as before. A few years ago, they gave you a Game Boy, you let go of a few happy tears, you put four AA batteries and the Tetris fell. But now it is much more complicated.

But, unfortunately, things are much more difficult now. For starters, the vast majority of gadgets carry all kinds of components, so you have to check that everything is correct. To this, smale that the batteries have passed, in most cases to the background, but there is the happy battery. And very few technological products arrive with a battery. And finally, especially if you give a phone or a game console (or even some other video game) are the blissful updates. So how to prepare a gift of this kind?

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

The first thing you have to do is open and check that everything is correct

You will feel a true YouTuber when you open the package carefully. But you have to do it. More than anything to verify that everything is correct. Yes, on occasion, you may find that some component is missing. In addition, dEternal gadgets will need you to load them, so as you don't open the box, you will be able to do little.

It is best to use sharp cter. In this way you can return everything to your site to surprise you, and in the process you can return the product if it is defective. Yes, remember that they can give you problems if you destroy the packaging, so be very careful.

Charge drawing on smartphone

Touch charge the device

Here we enter the second point, the device charge. Maybe you have given away a console and you don't have to go through this process. But it is any of the gadgets that work with a battery, you should load it s or s. It doesn't matter if it's a mobile phone, wireless headphones, or a bluetooth speaker. It is best that you have it prepared so they can use it without problems after unwrapping your brand new gift.

update Windows 10

It's the turn of the updates: patience patience

Touch the heaviest part: the happy ones gadget updates. Yes, surely the console you are going to give has to be updated. And if it is a computer with Windows 10 or Mac, three quarters of the same. And, remember: if you have bought a game, you may also need to download a really heavy additional file. Create it and encrgate t so you get a big surprise. The only thing you should do is put it on and start enjoying.

Finally, because if you're not a shabby, you should wrap everything again. The process is very simple, especially if you have been sensitive and have heeded these tips to prepare the gadgets before giving it to your children using a cter. It is true that it is more laborious than before, but his face of surprise will be worth it.

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