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How to increase the number of followers on Instagram? 4 key tips

International.- Instagram has become one of the users' favorite social networks and its Stories are one of its most used functions, with more than 500 million active daily users worldwide. Currently, having the largest number of followers is one of the things that most users aspire to in the social network.

Currently, followers can be bought, although this is counterproductive since there are many people who are obsessed with liking everyone. But you can always get naturally and this is something you can achieve taking into account these tips or tricks that we offer.

The importance of the schedule

The first thing you should know is that not all hours are perfect for posting a post. Analyze your public, know their routines and their moments of rest to know their availability in looking at your publications.

Although if you think that your activity is oriented to a general public, it is not necessary that you do any study since experts indicate that the best times to make your appearances on social networks are Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 3 to 4 of the afternoon.

Use hastags

Using the right hastags you will be able to gain followers even if you don't believe it. You should not use many or few and do not do the typical of leaving this part of the publication blank.

Run away from some chains of hastags because you climb like the foam but you won't get quality followers. You will have to get your followers to interact in your profile since there is no better strategy to increase the number of followers than "word of mouth" but in digital version.

Ideally, you choose about 10 togs and place them consistently in your post, taking into account what you publish.


Although it is a strategy that fundamentally use influencers and brands, a common user can also make a raffle. Of course, you must have a minimum of followers and it will also be perfect that you will associate with an account that is in the same situation as you to advertise to each other.

The location also matters

You should always remember to put the location from where you publish. This is important because the Instagram algorithm uses the geolocation of your posts to show them to people who have already been there or are interested in these places, so do not miss this opportunity.