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How to add new Skills for Alexa on Amazon Echo speakers

Alexa is the fundamental element by which the speakers Amazon Echo stand out against the rest of the models that are in the market. Well, one of the ways to get the most out of the aforementioned voice assistant from the online store is to use Skills: We show how to install new ones so that their utility is maximum.

The first thing that you have to know is exactly an Alexa Skill. This are functions, generally from third parties, which allow the assistant to offer more possibilities of use by accessing even cloud services that allow the information management to be greater. And, therefore, that more things can be done with the smart speakers we are talking about. Luckily, in the firm led by Jeff Bezos, great importance has been given to this and, in this way, installation is allowed in a simple and effective way.

Initial installation and configuration of Amazon Echo speakers

When I first use Alexa on an Amazon Echo speaker, several Skills are included that can be used without any problem and, an example, can be Cookpad to know food recipes. The case is that once one of these options is activated, using it with the voice is possible and, therefore, there is no need to do anything additional to take advantage of it.

Use of Amazon Echo

Installation of new Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo

By testing the process, we have discovered that everything is much easier by web client Amazon has for this purpose to make use of Alexa's own application for mobile devices (worse, beware, this is possible to achieve in this way). To access the Skills "store" with your usual browser, you simply have to use the link that we leave behind this paragraph:

Access to the Alexa Skills Store

Vers a page where you can review all the Skill available for Alexa and it is possible to use the company's smart speakers. In addition, there is a more than useful search engine in the upper zone We recommend giving use. Thus, for example, it is possible to listen to stories for children arriving from Clan to use a Trivial for the whole family in the Amazon Echo, now options for all tastes and needs.

List of Skills for Alexa

Select the desired one by clicking on it and you can read a description of what the development in question offers. If it convinces you, on the right side there is a button called Activate which is the one that you have to use to be able to take advantage of the Skills in the Amazon Echo. An installation message appears with some options that you have to review and, to complete everything, use Save and activate. By the way, the voice command to execute on this screen, so you must learn it so that you can execute it without doing more than speaking.

Activate Skill in Amazon Echo Alexa

The truth is that Skills with an excellent way of give Alexa better use and, for extension to Amazon Echo speakers and, best of all, is that the processes of use and installation are very simple and there are a lot of options that have no cost.