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Google confirms that all 2017 Chromebooks run Android applications


Google confirms that all 2017 Chromebooks run Android applications

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January 23, 2017

Chrome OS and Android

To the Chromebook they still have a lot to do to become a reference product in the Spanish market; and is that Google has shown that the United States is its priority and sometimes even exclusive enclave. For now, Chrome OS It is a booming system in the North American country, especially in the field of education. With access to Android applicationsHowever, the platform wins many integers.

The fact that we have not yet had signs of Pixel for Spain, when the terminals with Snapdragon 835 are about candy, it says a lot about Google priorities. Our colleagues from MovilZona, precisely, have published an analysis of the device referring to that issue, and its appeal is thus quite diminished. Either way, for the public geek, non-marketing in Spain is sometimes even an incentive, and the Chromebook they appear as a real treasure for early adopters.

Will Chromebooks be the new Android tablets?

Will Chromebooks be the new Android tablets?

Chrome OS is empowered by adding Android

In March of 2016, Google announced that some terminals with Chrome OS they would begin to be compatible with Android applications, and several models have already exhibited that quality since then. The last one came in two variants: Samsung Chromebook Plus and Samsung Chromebook Pro. Both teams saw the light in the past CES and are authentic all terrain, of not excessive price and spectacular benefits that mix desktop and mobile.

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro, on video. The Response to Surface and the iPad Pro?

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro, on video. The Response to Surface and the iPad Pro?

In fact, both terminals of the South Korean firm make us doubt whether with the manufacturers attacking that line and diversifying Models and formats, it would not make more sense that the tablets on the Google platform will use Chrome OS and become, more or less, what they are now the 2 in 1 with Windows 10 How much attention they are getting attract.

Chromebooks, always with Android as of now

The middle Android Police has repaired an update within the technical support web of Chrome OS in which it is specified that all Chromebooks that arrive in 2017 will always support the applications of Android. It is not a surprise, precisely, but having confirmation is good not to rely more on searches or the specific specifications of each model.

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This circumstance also questions the premiere of the system. Andromeda at least in the short term and can mark the future of the tablet format in Android. No powerful manufacturer has released high-end tablet in the past CES and the picture doesn't look much more encouraging in the coming months. We are waiting for an event that will guide us on the steps of the segment.