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Glitch Cam, free video editor that brings your stories to life

Are you one of those many passionate about Instagram stories, Facebook or WhatsApp states ?. If the answer is a resounding YES, then you are in the right place as I will introduce and recommend a free application called Glitch Cam that I'm sure you'll love.

Glitch Cam is a lightweight and simple video editor with which to create content for these stories from Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp states. A video editor very, very simple, although that does not detract from very, very good functionalities.

Gltch Cam a video editor designed for lovers of Instgram and Facebook stories

Glitch Cam or how to give a touch of fun to your stories from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, etc ...

Glitch Cam is a Video editing application that focuses on the more than used Glitch effect or video distortion effect, an effect that well used and with measure usually gives very good results in video editing.

Glitch Cam, as its name implies, focuses and specializes in that Glitch effect or distortion effect to offer us all its possible variants to create very artistic videos in which the only limit is our imagination.

Videos with which to narrate our experiences in a different way by adding these distortion effects besides being able to apply different filters and even music tracks.

Glitch Cam or how to give a touch of fun to your stories from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, etc ...

Best of all, we don't have to have any idea of ​​video editing to create authentic works of art. from our own smartphones and tablets with Android operating system. If we add to this that we have a completely free version although with limitations in effects and filters, we can say that it is an ideal application for all lovers of these stories that are more fashionable every day.

If you opt for the Premium version or PRO version, keep in mind that it is a subscription application in which we will have the first seven days of testing for later, after this week of testing, charge us in our account 10.99 euros for the one-year license. A license in which the advertising is eliminated and in which all the means available to the application are made available, both for the purpose of video as filters or audio tracks.

In the header of this article I have left you an extensive video in which I show you everything that Glitch Cam offers us, the application that promises to be indispensable in the devices of lovers of Instagram stories, Facebook or WhatsApp states.

Download Glitch Cam for free from the Google Play Store

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