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Features and options of this cheap projector

Xiaomi's machinery never stops, or so it seems. Today the Asian company has put on sale a new product, the Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K. This is a projector complete that has a very tight price, and that offers a quite interesting evolution of what the Asian firm currently offers in the market. We show the most striking that includes.

This device has a curious design, since it is tremendously gridded with very flat lines and, this, makes it quite different from most models that are for sale. It is true that it has a somewhat high thickness for what is currently styled – and when using ABS plastic – but it is not too large for what fits both for the home and to be the right choice in a room meetings In addition, the connection options offered by this product are complete, are the following:

  • HDMI
  • USB type A
  • Sound inputs (digital and analog)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

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The new Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K has a til, remote control to control the reproductions, and one of the novelties it offers is that compatibility is added with Dolby sound, so it makes an important leap in relation to this section – which even includes access to the voice assistant of the Asian firm. By the way, the two speakers built into the projector have a power of 10 W, which is not bad at all.

Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K design

Image quality offered by Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K

This new product has good news here, since for example it is capable of creating images with screen dimensions of up to 150 inch, so its use is large, but it remains to be seen if the definition is not lost due to abuse in this section. If you wonder about the resolution offered by the projector this is 4K, so it is possible to enjoy movies and games with great quality, since it is even compatible with content HRD10, so you can with all this product.

Regarding brightness, the Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K reaches the 2,400 lmenes (ANSI), so it is quite powerful. In addition, the projection ratio it allows is 1: 2: 1, which fits with all kinds of content. And it makes use of ALPD 3.0 technology, something that means good news since the autofocus is another virtue of this device. All this is managed as there is a processor inside this product. Amlogic T972 and RAM is 2 GB -with sixteen gigas of remoteness and operating system MIUI TV-.

Availability and price of this product

Right now it is possible to buy this projector in China, with a price that the truth is that it is attractive since it is quite tight: about 1,089 euros to change. The truth is that as a "total" solution it is advisable to take into account the Xiaomi Mijia ALPD 4K.