facebook viepoints

Facebook launches a new app and you pay to use it

facebook viepoints

Facebook has always wanted something from us, but I had never asked for them as explicitly as now. In the life history of the company there are plenty of controversies regarding the use that it makes of our data, however, now offer an application to know the tastes and opinions of its users and pay for it.

As already confirmed from Facebook, Viewpoints It is an application to pay for participating in market research. Once the surveys, tasks and investigations have been completed, users will receive a payment for their collaboration through PayPal.

Facebook Viewpoints pay for surveys

Facebook says it serves to improve Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal, Oculus and the community in general. According to the press release, users who participate in surveys, tasks and investigations may receive financial rewards sent through Paypal for your time. The statement published by the company on the launch of Viewpoints says:

We believe that the best way to improve products is to obtain information directly from the people who use them.

According to Facebook, the knowledge to improve products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal and Oculus, and to benefit the community in general.

As for one of the issues that surely cause more intrigue among users, such as what and what the data will be used for, Facebook has clarified:

After configuring the views, users will be invited to join the programs. Facebook, strict to protect personal data, that is, states that all users will be informed exactly what information they will be collected before they participate.

The first program that is launched, and that only available in the United States, is the Facebook Wellness Survey, which seeks to understand how the use of social networks can affect your well-being.

The information in this survey will help us create better products that aim to limit the negative impacts of social networks and improve benefits.

Among other points of interest Facebook has explained that its intention is not to sell information to third parties, or publicly share the activity of users in this social network.

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