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Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer

For many virtual reality evangelists, one of the first games you mention when you are recommending titles for newcomers of virtual reality is Beat Saber. The title, which is available on PlayStation VR, Oculus and Live platforms, offers a fast and rhythm-based action focused on balancing two lightsabers to the rhythm of the song you have selected. It is an accessible title that has become a key experience for all virtual reality. Facebook, the parent company of the company Rift and Quest Oculus, today announced its acquisition of Beat Games, the studio behind the success of virtual reality.

Although Beat Games is now under the same corporate umbrella, Oculus says the study will continue to develop for all platforms simultaneously. Oculus says this acquisition will give Beat Games additional resources to accelerate new features and songs in the future, with the next update, which will add 360 levels, still scheduled for December. However, Oculus says that while hoping to preserve the vibrant mod scene for Beat Saber, players may notice some changes related to third-party intellectual property rights (probably related to custom songs).

In the period prior to this announcement, Beat Saber had excelled in Oculus Quest marketing, including a widely broadcast commercial that you can see above. Oculus says that while he has no announcement of other study acquisitions at this time, "we are exploring many ways to accelerate virtual reality, and we believe that next year will be an incredible launch of virtual reality games and commercials. We are delighted to Beat Games join our team. This is just the beginning. "

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(Source: Oculus)