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Elon Musk admits that it is Hank Scorpio of The Simpsons

When Elon Musk announced his plan to create a flamethrower, we worried a little but some laughter was generated. But after we discovered their movements on Twitter, the way they run their companies, their plans to travel to Mars, fill the world with satellites, create ultra-fast trains and space transportation to go from one side of the planet to the other, well We couldn't help but admire it and get horribly scared by everything this visionary billionaire hopes to do.

The Simpsons will end soon, says composer Danny Elfman

The comparison with the entrepreneurial megalomana that appears in The Simpsons, Hank Scorpio, was very obvious, so much so that even Musk himself has just publicly admitted that they are practically the same character. From his official Twitter account, Musk responded to a comment in which he was compared to the funny phrase The fact that I have a flamethrower and I have a flamethrower does not mean … uhm … okay, I'm Hank Scorpio.

Do you compare it more with this character or with Tony Stark? Hank Scorpio appeared in season 8 of The Simpsons, in the episode You Only Move Twice.

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