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DoReMi Zoo for iPad, the App that Teaches Children to Play the Piano

The DoReMi Zoo app for iPad allows children to learn the first musical notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, playing them on a very funny piano. The piano is setting with colors and animals, and you can leave the notes you play recorded.

DoReMi Zoo iPad

Also DoReMi Zoo It is an iPad application with which you can learn to play popular songs how are they: La Cucaracha, Los Pollitos Say, Estrellita Dnde Ests? or Happy Birthday.

You can choose between several types of keyboard, upon payment in the App Store, very funny. You can download a princess keyboard, a robot type, etc., or all at once in a discounted pack.

Your children can entertain themselves with the piano, guided by their creativity or by the colors and sounds when they play it. You can also delete the song played and start again.

DoReMi Zoo gives you the possibility to share the song created directly on Twitter or copy to the clipboard send the link by mail.

Here is the video for DoReMi Zoo for iPad:

The DoReMi Zoo application is very fun, children like it a lot. The keyboards to buy are very fun, but it is a shame that they do not come included with the application that is free. Playing the popular songs that come is a lot of fun, children have to follow a big finger and play the notes that tell them, and if you're wrong, eeeghh !, a noise will tell you that it's wrong …