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Do you have time that you do not use your Twitter account? They can delete it

How to take advantage of the different features of Twitter to boost your brand?

  • SegnZariance, Twitter already had 300 million users by the first quarter of 2019

  • Every year the platform has seen an average increase of its audience of 11 percent

  • On average, people spend 2.7 minutes a day on the site, most to see news

In the world of social networks, there are several companies that dispute the position of the most important site among users. Because of its scale and penetration, as well as the magnitude of its huge ad market, Facebook is considered the industry leader. But companies like TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest They have also slowly grown in both income and relevance. In the social media segment, Twitter has a rather peculiar place.

On the advertising side, according to WordStream, Twitter is very advantageous for brands because it has low costs, as well as a fairly high performance. Convince and Convert He believes that it is an unequaled platform to foster interaction with audiences. This, partly because of the large amount of content that can be placed. Social Media Today It also reaffirms that its cultural relevance is still greater due to its uses in other fields of study.

The social network, in this sense, has become a really indispensable platform for a large number of brands and users worldwide. In this sense, it is really crucial for many individuals not to maintain a constant presence on Twitter. In addition, these interactions should help build a unique profile that distinguishes them from the rest of the community. This differentiation begins, of course, from the name of the users.

Twitter threatens to delete inactive accounts

For this reason, the information you share becomes important The verge. According to the social network, in December the company will begin to purge inactive accounts. All users who have not had activity on the platform in the last six months risk losing their name permanently on Twitter. The cleaning process is focused on releasing names for users who are really active within the website.

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In a letter to The Verge, Twitter ensures that these accounts have until December 11 to enter their profiles. To ensure that all people are aware of the situation, emails will be sent to the addresses that will be affected. The process may take a while, so the released names may take a few months to reach people. This system will also affect people who died long ago.

Identity in social networks

It is not uncommon for the industry to delete user accounts. However, it is not always due to inactivity. In October 2018, WhatsApp deleted profiles belonging to bots that had spammed during the election season. Facebook in last may, presumed the elimination of several pages, three billion, linked to false activity. For its part, Twitter itself decided to suspend in April of last year to several for terrorist activity.

So, it is not uncommon for networks such as Twitter to carry out these types of purges. In the end, they also help companies reduce some of the pressure felt by their servers, often full of inactive account information. Of course, it also talks a lot about the value of identity within digital platforms. In theory, it shouldn't matter much that people kept the names they legitimately set aside a long time ago.

On the other hand, it is also opening the opportunity for other people to have a more enriching experience on the platform. Of course, the username is not the reason why most people are on Twitter. However, it represents one more way to feel more comfortable and comfortable in the use of the social network. In this sense, it is positive that this site (and all its rivals) do regular cleaning on their platforms.