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Discounts on Google Play to celebrate 25,000 million downloads


Discounts on Google Play to celebrate 25,000 million downloads

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September 26, 2012

Google Play is in luck: after having managed to reach last June the 20,000 million downloads, just a few months later it has reached 25,000 million. The good news extends to its users: to celebrate this success, Google will offer various discounts in its contents.

Google Play It does not stop growing, relying both on its dominance of the mobile sector and its increasing power in that of tablets: it already has nearly 700,000 applications (675,000 to be exact), which is the number of applications offered by the Apple App Store, so it is possible that its claim to offer the greatest variety has the days counted; In addition, today a symbolic milestone was established, as its users have reached the negligible figure of 25,000 million downloads.

The news is certainly positive for the Android developer, but also for its users, who can take advantage of this success from Google, thanks to the way they have decided to celebrate it: discounts for various content on Google Play. If when it reached 10,000 million downloads it was celebrated with promotions of games at 10 cents, now, following the logic, we will have them 25 cents. The selection will include games from both Rovio like Gameloft and EA, among others.

The offer will also include discounts on films, books, music and journals, specifically and how could it be less, 25 of each of these types of content. It is also expected that it is a quality selection, since, for example, they dare to say about the 25 albums chosen that are ?the albums that changed the world" Estimated prices are $ 5 for movies, 4 for records, 2 for magazines and 1 for books.

For now, we know that the promotion it will last at least the next 5 days, but we still do not have specific details on what will be the contents that will be made available to us under the conditions of the promotion.