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Darksiders Genesis Trailer presents Strife the Gunslinger

The armed rider is as skilled as he is witty.

Approximately one week before the game's launch, Airship Syndicate has finally launched an advance that introduces players to Strife, the second leader of Darksiders Genesis. As a White Horse Rider and Apocalypse Rider, Strife has some ingenious jokes to accompany his abilities. Watch the trailer below.

Along with Strife, players will take control of War from the original game while the two embark on a search to stop Lucifer. Cooperative mode for two players is included, but solo players can also switch between the two characters at any time. There are significant upgrade paths, including the skills gained from creature cores.

Darksiders Genesis will be released on December 5 for PC and Google Stadia. Arrive on February 14, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The developer recently revealed that the game has 11 stages and takes approximately 15 hours to finish. To see the gameplay better, see the first 16 minutes here.

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