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Black Friday: how to buy in the United States or get local offers

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Black Friday, the event with the largest discounts in the United States, can also be used from Argentina. Strictly speaking, in two ways: on the one hand, with the sites that allow
Buy directly with promotions of the great American stores and bring those products to the country, and on the other hand because the event, which imposed its brand globally,
It also has its local correlate, with many companies that add up to discounts.

To buy in the United States during Black Friday

There are two platforms that bite at the tip: one is the Uruguayan and the other is Grabr. Both announced that they will have available the catalog of Amazon, WalMart, eBay or BestBuy, depending on the platform. In the case of
Ma Store, you can take advantage of discounts of up to 80 percent of these sites, buy at the same price as in the US, without international shipping costs, although the final price will have to add other components that configure the cost of the product: This is, for example, the value per kilo, which obviously makes the initial cost more expensive.

There will be offers per hour, where the site itself will finance some products in up to 12 installments (with interest, although lower than in the market). On the site they expect to continue with traditional sales, which are normally headed by Stanley thermos, notebooks and tablets. In the case of
Grabr, whose sales format is for a traveler to bring the product in exchange for a commission, last year the thermos was also at the head of the transactions, followed by Google ChromeCast and an external 128GB Samsung disk. This year, as an advance, there will be up to 100 dollars in savings in the 1TB Slim version of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One S, also 1TB.

Offers and discounts in Argentina

While not to buy products in the United States, several Argentine brands are added from the country with offers that include discounts and fees.
In Mercado Libre, for example, promotions will start on Friday and continue until Monday. There will be quotas without interest with Now 12 and 18 in selected products. The discounts will reach the most popular categories and as advanced from the company expect to have more than 300 thousand publications with promotions.

Linio, the site of Falabella, has for its part since Monday some special discounts, which will be extended on Friday, and also include interest-free financing. The same is already happening with Garbarino and Frvega who have already started the "Black Friday" promotions.

Take off and
The World also mentions on its site that it is Black Week and they are offering tourist packages in installments without interest.
Groupon does something similar: it will have in its catalog more than 1000 offers with discounts, including tourist destinations.

In addition to these online brands, some supermarkets will also have offers in their physical stores (
Coto, for example): strictly speaking, Black Friday, one day after Thanksgiving, started as an offline discount event and then the online ones come, in the famous
CyberMonday, which in our country already took place a few weeks ago, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce, which in this case does not participate. Now many companies return individually to the load with promotions and discounts, hand in hand with what happens in the United States.


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