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Apple doubles the monthly production that increases to 2 million


Over the past few years we have seen the growth of a device that was born with hardly any relevance and that has managed to create a whole new market. We are talking about Airpods, Apple's wireless headphones that arrived on the market three years ago and since then they have not stopped growing.

According to the figures being handled, Apple has managed to double AirPods sales this year going from 30 to 60 million units. In addition the AirPods Pro have proven to be a success, they are sold out in the Apple Store until after Christmas, although they are still in time to get them.

Taking into account these data, we do not miss anything that Apple has doubled the production of the new AirPods Pro as reported today Nikkei.

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AirPods are increasingly important for Apple

This new report cites supply chain sources in China which claim that Apple has doubled orders for AirPods Pro. Apple was manufacturing about 1 million units per month and now it has requested that ?at least? 2 million units of AirPods Pro be manufactured.

Nikkei says that AirPods Pro is being manufactured by Luxshare in China, an AirPods supplier that Apple has been working with for a long time. The other great assembler is GoerTek, which is producing the normal AirPods 2 in Vietnam's factories.

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In the last financial results of Apple we again confirmed the growth of a new category that includes both the AirPods and the Apple Watch. Gradually Apple is getting diversify its revenues that increasingly depend less on the iPhone and more on devices that users buy along with the iPhone, such as the AirPods. The AirPods continue to grow in sales and probably next year they beat all records.