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Android already has 30% of the Tablets market and grows unstoppable

As happened with smartphones where the iPhone had turned the landscape of advanced telephony into a solara, in the world of tablets the iPad was the one that stuck a bite to the market securing a product that already existed but that did not convince. On smartphones, Android started shyly, but inexorably until you reach the top and dominate the market as you have done now, and on the tablets, who predicted an equal hit to see that the launch of Honeycomb did not encourage the market, they have had to shut up because it is already 30% the market that gets Android in this sector, and of course its Growth will continue unstoppable for at least the next 18 months.

Apple has gone from 94% to 61% of the market, and Android, from the short 2.9% to 30% in just one quarter. The rest of the competitors have very poor sales, for example, RIM with 3.3%, having already bet on the market for a long time, the Playbook that so many rumors of discontinuation of production has provided. This report is prepared by Strategy Analytics according to the BGR source from which we extract this data.

It is clear that once again, The game of mobile devices, tablets or phones is a matter of two. Soon Apple will release the iPad 3 and Android new versions and more and new manufacturers wanting to try it, if the sales are yours. And once again, Android confirms its strength. It is true that this data was necessary especially for developers somewhat distrustful of the market and the reason why there were so few apps for Honeycomb. This is already changed, has changed and will change.