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A larger and cheaper Lenovo Yoga Book A12 prepares for launch


A larger and cheaper Lenovo Yoga Book A12 prepares for launch

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January 24, 2017

Lenovo Yoga Book with 12 inches

The Lenovo Yoga Book It was announced last September during the IFA in Berlin in two variants, Android and Windows 10. Apart from enabling this choice to the user, this product contained a good number of elements that made it something special, not a mere team to go out to the He passed. Keyboard Halo, also usable as pad For freehand drawings and creations, it is perhaps his biggest hallmark. Now we know that the device will arrive soon with a screen of 12 inches.

If we have to highlight a company for its good work throughout the second half of last 2016, we would probably choose Lenovo (with permission from Huawei, which has been constantly shining for two courses). And is that the deployment of IFA media, plus the Moto Z, plus the alliance with Google for a Phab2 with Project Tango, were a real waste of creativity and technological strength. However, the Chinese firm does not slow down, and a variant of its spectacular just appears on Amazon (USA version) Yoga Book, something more modest of benefits, but with a price of only 300 euros.

This is the new Lenovo Yoga Book A12

This new 12.2-inch Yoga Book You already have your file on Amazon, which has become a platform for presenting products with great visibility. Although not yet available, the tablet can now be purchased and will be received from February 7. We see some variations with respect to the model we knew, and some data is not specified. Still, almost all of the substantial information This convertible is already public.

Lenovo Yoga Book: 5 features to be the 2-in-1 tablet of the moment

Lenovo Yoga Book: 5 features to be the 2-in-1 tablet of the moment

As we say, its screen has a diagonal of just over 12 inches, with an HD resolution, 1280 × 800 pixels. It seems, according to what it indicates Android Authority, that the processor will be a Intel X5 Z8550 and the RAM will stay in 2GB. The initial storage is 32GB and the battery of 10,500 mAhm. Its operating system is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In this case, we can't even know if there will be an identical model with Windows 10.

Changes with respect to the first Yoga Book

As noted above, important differences can be seen with respect to the team that saw the light in the past IFA in Berlin, and not only in the size or in the price. For example, the screen, despite being larger, has a resolution lower than 1080p of the first Lenovo Yoga Book. That device included 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory and a battery of 8,500 mAh.

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Another detail that can be seen in the images of Amazon is that the hinge neither does it save the characteristic form that simulates a watchband, as in the first Yoga Book and in the newly introduced Miix 720.